Application for Guides is tentatively FULL for both sessions.

Any applications received will be placed on our waitlist.


We are surrounded by women who carry skills of ancestral lineages from across the globe as well as other traditional and modern folk skills; if you have honed a practice which you would like to share, please consider applying with us as a Skillshare Guide. 

As a Guide, you will offer Two–2.5 hour skillshares per session you are attending.

Class guidelines

  • Type of class. It is your choice to offer the same class twice, a pair of classes that share a theme (Earth Activism for Women and Art & Prayer For Change, for example), or two different classes altogether. We ask that each class begins and ends within a single 2.5 hour time frame.  We encourage you to create a safe, conscious setting that allows for women of all skill levels & backgrounds to fully participate. Workshop themes may include, but are not limited to: Herbalism, Fermentation, Traditional Arts & Crafts, Meditation, Celestial Energetics, Ritual Self Cafe, Movement, Earth Stewardship, Activism, Sacred Adornment, and more. 
  • Materials fee. You may ask students for a minimal materials fee ($5-25) in the form of cash or barter, but we ask that you do not collect payment for time spent teaching.
  • Class size & teaching style. We are aiming for intimate class sizes of 4-10 students per class. We encourage oral and demonstrative teachings. You may bring printed materials to share. We encourage you to weave in ceremony, gratitude, and space for students to reflect and share. This is a place to invoke the feminine and bring balance to the linear mind. It will be an opportunity for you to hold and shape a strong container that offers sisters the opportunity to dive deep, to honor, to learn, and to receive.
  • Teaching amenities. We will have access to running water and electrical outlets. If ventilation is needed, please send us a message with your ideas and we can determine how to best provide an adequate space. We will have indoor teaching spaces available as well as outdoor lawn and woodland locations if weather permits. Work tables and chair seating is somewhat limited.  
  • Honoring your lineage. This is an opportunity to honor your teachers and give thanks for materials harvested or obtained. Be sure to let students know if it is appropriate for them to share the skills they learn with others~ to pass the teachings forward. Also, clearly share whether it is appropriate for students to make a profit from the skills they learn or if skills & material objects are for personal use and/or gifts only. Above all, this is an opportunity for you to empower your sisters through your teachings, as well as a place to fully value the time and efforts that have allowed you to hone such skills. 

We have space for up to 5 guides per session.

If your application is accepted your registration will be a sliding scale ticket of of $175–$225 due immediately (includes non-refundable $150 deposit.)



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Application for Guides is tentatively FULL for both sessions.

Any applications received will be placed on our waitlist.

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We will confirm receipt of your application within 24 hours. If you don't hear from us or experience problems with submitting your app, please message us and we can troubleshoot and/or provide another way to apply.