To get to our location, there are a handful of stepping stones along the way; please give yourself ample time to plan and make reservations (if applicable) so your journey may flow smoothly and be one of intention and ease. Prior to the retreat, we will connect all participants via email and our Facebook group so you can collaborate if desired. We encourage you to link up with your sisters and journey together! Teaming up with one another will help to lower your travel costs and provide opportunity to deepen connections. 

–Routes of travel–

From SeaTac Airport south of Seattle, WA

If traveling from outside of Washington State, you may choose to fly into Sea-Tac International Airpot, located south of Seattle, WA. Upon arrival at the airport, you will then need to make your way north to the San Juan Ferries, located in Anacortes, WA. Your transportation choices include: 

  • Ride The Airporter shuttle bus to the San Juan Ferries. The Airporter shuttle departs directly from Door 00 near the Baggage Claim at Sea-Tac Airport. Be sure to book your reservation in advance. This is the most affordable way to get to the San Juan Ferries from the airport (approx. $70 round-trip) though may take the longest. Travel estimation is anywhere from 3-4 hours or longer. Make sure to consider how the shuttle schedule will align with the ferry schedule before booking your reservation. You may experience long wait times and potentially missed connections if airline or shuttle is delayed.

  • Rent a car from the airport and drive to the San Juan Ferries in Anacortes, WA. You may then choose to return or leave the rental car in paid parking or drive onto the ferry. Be sure to book your ferry reservation in advance. See more ferry info below.

  • Make a connecting flight to Orcas Island (via Kenmore Air ). This is the quickest option as flight time is around 30-45 minutes. Upon arrival on Orcas Island, you can then take a taxi to Morningstar Farm or arrange to carpool with other sisters.

  • TIP: If traveling from the airport by rental car or shuttle, we recommend you book your flight into Sea-Tac airport the day prior to the retreat and find a place to stay overnight if needed. It can sometime take a half a day or more to complete the journey to Orcas Island from the airport and we don't want you to be late for check-in or have your travel experience be stressful.

  • Visitors can also travel to Orcas Island by private boat, airplane or seaplane (including Kenmore Air) from several locations, listed with the Orcas Chamber of Commerce

From San Juan Ferry in Anacortes,WA

Though there are many ways to travel to Orcas Island, almost all of us will drive or walk onto the Washington State Ferry at some point in our journey. The ferry departs from Anacortes, Washington. Your options are:

  • Driving onto the ferry. It is recommended that you make a ferry reservation if driving onto the ferry. Reservation space is released in tiers. A portion (30% of each sailing) is released up to two months before the first sailing of the season (fall, winter, spring or summer sailing seasons). Another 30% is released two weeks prior to sailing, and the final 30% is released two days before departure. There is no charge to make a reservation (no-shows do incur a small fee). Your ticket is good round-trip; you will only pay for a westbound departure. The 2017 Spring schedule can be found here. To honor your reservation, you must arrive at the ferry 45-60 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • Walking onto the ferry. Walk-on passengers do not need reservations, but should arrive at least 30 minutes before departure to purchase your ticket and prepare to board. If you are leaving a car in the paid parking lot, be sure to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled sailing to allow for walking time from the lot.

From Orcas Ferry Landing

Upon arriving at the Orcas Island ferry terminal, make your way to Morningstar Farm (we will send directions to participants). From the ferry, the drive time is approx. 10 minutes. You might decide to pull over at Orcas Landing Store (at ferry landing) to get snacks or drive into Eastsound Village for shopping at the Food Co-op. You may choose to:

  • Carpool with a friend!
  • Take a taxi– ph (360)376-TAXI
  • Rent a car– ph (360)-376-RIDE
  • Hitch a ride– Hitchhiking is considered a safe and socially acceptable means of travel in the islands. That said, travel at your own risk and always trust your intuition before accepting rides. Be prepared for the weather and sparse traffic; be patient and allow ample time to arrive at Morningstar Farm.

If you have any questions or need help with travel plans & booking your reservations, email us at