We are a council of women who carry a vision to uplift artists, mothers, brothers, elders, and beyond through the creative and healing arts. We offer transformative retreats and skill-building workshops to inspire self- and collective-growth and to revive participants' vital connection to the natural world.

We look forward to growing our network to include others who share a passion to connect and elevate the human family.

If you'd like to host a Sisters Of The Tide gathering or collaborate in another way, reach out to us at–






Designer, instructor, author, folk-style bookbinder, tea student, and mother of three, Erica embodies a gentle, yet spirited presence. She urges others to discover innate inspiration, to honor those who have come before, and to choose environmentally supportive practices in work and play. At the heart of her offerings lays an unwavering reverence for Nature paired with a fierce will to protect plants, animals, & places still wild. She makes home with her family in the San Juan Islands, WA.


Born in the Virginia hills and raised among bees, Jane Gray is a woman who walks on her grandmother's legs. Her home is lined with cedar, her garden beds with stone, and her eyes with indigo; she seeks solace in the soil and companionship in the unseen communities of kimchi and kombucha. Jane's background is a mosaic composed of traditional bookbinding, natural binding, and homesteading in the Pacific Northwest, though she recently returned to school to pursue the path of medicine and healing. Jane is the resident nourishment mama, holding down the kitchen for our gathering with deep respect for the magic that is the body. 


Combined with her passion for creative expression, and her deep love of the natural World, Katie has spent the past 10 years as a professional singer and musician, devoted to bringing a vibration of Love and emotional openness. Together with care, sensitivity, and strength, she leads a pathway of awareness and respect for the human body, the natural World and the divinity of great spirit. 




The UPLIFT Women's Skillshare is an intuitive, activated gathering of women focused on sharing both traditional & modern folk skills as well as the meditative arts. We are currently planning our next gathering for 2019. We will make announcements here at www.sistersofthetide.com and our Instagram account.