WILLOW has been making jewelry since she was a child, always looking for the next special stone or bead to adorn with and draw strength and comfort from. Willow is interested in the energetic quality of materials used to make adornment pieces, whether it be stones, gemstones, wood, old beads, or pieces made in traditional processes. Mala making and wearing incorporate the energetic capacities of sacred adornment. 

Willow had a successful jewelry business in the past. At this time, she makes jewelry mostly for pleasure, selling pieces occasionally. She studied Jewelry Design and Fabrication (Metals) at the University of Washington with Mary Lee Hu. Mary taught her so much, not just metal work, but history of body adornment, the importance of a finished piece, and thinking outside of the box. 

Willow enjoys practicing yoga and meditation, and has studied with many practitioners in the Seattle area. Mala making is an intersection of two of her main interests: sacred adornment and meditation. Willow's other teacher in her life is her dog, Charlie, who is always living in the moment, in the Here and Now.