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Morning Tea Meditation | Event Organizer & Facilitator


ERICA was shaped by the quiet strength of the prairie, by stories her grandmother told her during long, Dakotan winters, and by her parents who raised her in intimate relationship to nature. At the heart of her offerings lays an unwavering reverence for Nature paired with a fierce will to protect plants, animals, & places still wild.

Erica teaches folk bookbinding classes, offers freelance graphic design to small businesses and non-profit organizations, and is a student of tea ceremony.

After the birth of her daughter in 2007, Erica began her tea practice as a way to connect more deeply within everyday, mundane life. Her teachers include Hilary Sati Walker (Forest Tea lineage), Kandis Susol (Urusenke tradition), and the Global Tea Hut community & beyond (Daoist traditions.)

Erica lives with her partner & their two children along the forested tidelines of Orcas Island.

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