EMMA is a practitioner of yoga and Ayurveda. Having training and certifications as an E-200/500 Yoga teacher, PureBarre instructor, Ayurveda Health Counselor and Chef, she is currently based in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts where she teaches R&R guest yoga classes and lectures on Ayurveda with Kripalu Schools of Yoga & Ayurveda. A forever student, Emma currently interns with Kripalu as she further hones her abilities to share the teachings of yoga, Ayurveda and path of service through love. She attributes her practice and offerings to the grace and guidance of her teachers along this path. She teaches Vinyasa and yin-style of yoga in the Bhakti tradition as it is from this place of devotion and service that guides her on and off the 'mat.'

Known as a vibrant, inspiring, well-spoken, joy-filled and relatable speaker, workshop leader and instructor, Emma offers up an energy that is contagious. Linking 5 element theory, Ayurveda, energetic alignment, chanting and pranayama, Emma works with students and clients to help reestablish balance while promoting transformative expansion from previous conceived limitations. A professionally trained chef from the Culinary Institute of America, Emma loves to teach other food lovers the art and rituals to creating a more sacred connection to food and one's kitchen. She currently writes articles for various yoga and health publications and is excited to launch her first book which speaks to the sacredness of one’s connection to food from an Ayurvedic lens (Launching Spring, 2018).

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