CLARA was born and raised in Haines Alaska. She has a palpable affinity with nature. The animals, plants, and beauty that surrounded her from a young age have embraced her throughout her life. She is an avid outdoors woman who loves to surf, swim, hike, climb, ski, mountain bike, sail, canoe, and river raft. Being so much in nature has filled her with a rare grace that makes her work with children and families especially powerful.

Clara has 16 years of experience working with clients. Her early experience was working with people of all ages including babies who were living with mild to severe disabilities in her role as a care provider. As a care provider she received many trainings to optimize the life style of her clients including extensive training in Chronic Pain Self-Management and learning to be a community advocate for the less able. Clara continued to deepen her skills as a practitioner working and studying in body centered therapies at Heartwood Institute and in one to one apprentices with chosen teachers. Her work became focused on optimizing health of mind*body*soul*spirit as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Wilderness guide, Yoga instructor, Compassionate Communication teacher, craniosacral therapist, and Licensed Massage Therapist. For most of Clara’s 20’s she was balancing an active migratory lifestyle between Alaska and surfing winters in Mexico while teaching Yoga and meditation at an Eco retreat center and doing individual and group healing sessions. Now Clara works with individuals of all ages including infants and newborns, families, groups and organizations offering somatic process work, craniosacral therapy, and systemic family constellations. She is a facilitator and educator in Pre and Perinatal somatic psychology, also known as primary psychology. 

Born with a natural curiosity and focus of living in the spirit, Clara’s path has woven through many heart centered disciplines which have guided and manifested her course of life studies and learning of what it is to be truly human.

She is currently the director of The Human Development Center which she founded in 2016. The mission of this center is: 'Embodiment of truth, simplicity, love, and service to all of life'.