Tree Medicine



It’s not joke about tree-hugging. Putting your body against an ancient tree can feel like being embraced by a grandmother.

The first medicine of the trees is their presence. It’s been shown to soothe anxious nervous systems, stimulate circulation, even out heart rates, and increase lung-capacity. Before we’ve even started gathering and making medicine from them trees are powerful allies, pulling our bodies to them to heal.

In this class, we delve deep into the mythology of trees as our ancestors, ancient deities, and living beings in their own right; all the while learning how to create beautiful, practical magic and medicine with them. We’ll practice identification, seasonal delights, and how to begin discovering the healing powers of trees in one’s own bioregion. We’ll also learn about being an ally and an activist for the forest communities that sustain us.

Trees are often overlooked as a simple, easy-to-approach medicinal plants for those seeking to learn plant-knowledge. They are relatively easy to identify, rich in constituents, easy to harvest safely and sustainably, and they are our ancestors.

Trees carry some of the oldest, most tangible magic on this Earth, literally giving us the breath of life.

This class will be offered once during the May Session.

BRING: Journal and writing utensil for notetaking. Materials fee~ FREE



MILLA PRINCE grew up in the wilds of Finland, just a few hundred miles South of the Arctic Circle. A small town girl, she spent much of her childhood in the woods, learning from a young age the ordinary magic of gathering wild foods and making your own fun. She is proud to be part of a long line of people still in touch with their ancestral bio-regional knowledge, and has a passion for rediscovering Scandinavian, Slavic, and Finno-Ugric folklore, magic, and animism.

She is a writer, a hedgewitch, a local plant enthusiast, a Tarot reader, a teacher, a filmmaker, an environmentalist, a homesteader, and an all-around busybody in her small island community.

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