The Phoenix Experience



The Phoenix Experience is a class on how we women can activate our divine human portal by connecting to the galactic and celestial beings, calling on support in recognizing our truest path. Through communication with our highest Self, guides and inter-dimensional beings, we can easily learn how to manifest the life greater than our dreams. As starseeds, we came here to uplift the world's vibration, and discovering each woman's individual path is the first step on this ascension process. The Phoenix Experience is an ignition, a jump start into the way of living between the realms. It is about harnessing the power of womanhood to create the life we crave.

This 2.5hr class will be offered twice during the April Session.

BRING: To be announced.  Materials fee~ FREE



Angela Faith Sumner is a writer, a lover, a forever-student, a soul reawakening guide. After traveling the world and finding the truth of being home, she started writing. Her desire was to chronicle tales of the road, the sea, the sky... but that journal turned into a soul-shifting jump-start. And, it was only through sharing this truth that freedom was found. Greater than that, she found how to demonstrate to others that setting the mind free would allow the soul to very quickly rediscover it's home.

Home is within– it takes only the smallest knock to open the door to revelation. Angela's path is to show the world how to heal itself. Through the integration of self-love practices, individuals can make themselves whole. This small shift in each of us creates a unified planet. We are all one.

Angela teaches how to uncover each person's significant and one-of-a-kind mission. Through her guidance and through the teachings that flow through her, she enables others to learn how to free their soul and find joy in BEing human.

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