Morning Tea Meditation



Tea meditation opens the way for participants to ground into stillness, to powerfully rise into gratitude, and to reverently tune your heart to the wisdom of Tea. Erica offers two forms of tea ceremony: Forest Tea based on the traditional Mountain Path Tea (Chanoyu: Japan origin); and Bowl Tea (Chado: China origin) with organic, whole leaf 'living' tea. The ceremony offered will be chosen that morning and dependent on the elements that will best balance the energy of the day. Tea will be served in silence as the sun rises. Meditation will be self-guided and open to your personal (and silent) interpretation.

Everyone will have the opportunity to experience at least one tea session. All teas are caffeinated; warm water may be requested in lieu of tea.

BRING: A shawl or blanket to keep yourself warm; A backjack for back support, optional. Materials fee~ Free




After the birth of her daughter in 2007, Erica Ekrem began her tea practice as a way to deepen her presence and ground her relationship to the tasks of everyday life. Her teachers include Hilary Sati Walker (Forest Tea lineage), and Kandis Susol (Urusenke lineage), with inspiration and educational sources from Global Tea Hut community & beyond (Daoist tradition). Erica lives with her partner & their two children along the tidelines of Orcas Island.


Raised in the lush foothills of the Olympic Mountains, Anna Puanani Tanodra grew to know the depth and beauty of Nature's processes as potent teachers. She draws great inspiration from the healing intelligence of plant and mineral allies and their ability to offer support and nourishment for the benefit of wellbeing. Through her practice of massage, tea and walking in the wild, Anna loves to witness the beautiful unfolding that occurs when one participates in the magic of life.



Melissa McConnell grew up in the nurturing lands of the Pacific Northwest. She has always been captivated by the healing power of art and words as a tool for connection to the heart, and has been journaling for twenty years. Melissa graduated with an interdisciplinary University degree exploring Womens Health, The Expressive Arts, and Awareness Through the Body. It was here that she discovered a deep love for painting with watercolors. Soon after, Melissa had her first real connection with tea and has been nurturing that relationship for the past thirteen years.