Groundwork For Shamanic Journeying



Together we will explore the structural groundwork for shamanic journeying. We will inquire: What is a shaman? What is shamanic journeying? What makes journeying unique from visualization or dreaming? We will explore the energy architecture of the Sacred Garden, the Lower World, the Ancestral Field, and the Upper World. We will partner up, journey, and locate a spirit guide for another sister. We will use sketching and poetry to ferment and explore further. We will reflect our experiences with one another. If time allows, we will explore other methods for finding inner guidance, such as nature or stone constellations as well as information on how to use dreams to dip deeper into available knowledge.

Students will walk away with a sense of.....

This 2.5hr class will be offered one afternoon during the May Session.

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Anne Siems has studied with Hank Wesselman on Journeying as a path of attaining higher wisdom, as well as June Blue Spruce, Barbara Ocskai, and Sarah McClean Bicknell (on dream work). She has participated in a variety of ceremonies and other shamanic work–medicine walks, shamanic voice work, and ceremony gatherings, like Turtle Dance and Women's Soul Gathering in Port Orchard, WA.
Her work as an artist, as well as a person with a chronic illness, has been extremely influenced by shamanic work.

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