Plant Walk / Plant Talk



Join herbalist and hedgewitch, Milla Prince, for a plant walk within the landscape of Morningstar Farm and surrounding woodlands. Witch participants will learn how to start identifying plants both edible and medicinal, but also how to listen to these plants, and all of nature speak to us in their own language.

Both meditative & medicinal, this walk will include a plant sit, identification skills, and learning on how to start acquiring botanical, & bio-regional knowledge.

This class will be offered once during the May Session.

BRING: Journal and writing utensil for notetaking. Materials fee~ FREE



MILLA grew up in the wilds of Finland, just a few hundred miles South of the Arctic Circle. A small town girl, she spent much of her childhood in the woods, learning from a young age the ordinary magic of gathering wild foods and making your own fun. She is proud to be part of a long line of people still in touch with their ancestral bio-regional knowledge, and has a passion for rediscovering Scandinavian, Slavic, and Finno-Ugric folklore, magic, and animism.

She is a writer, a hedgewitch, a local plant enthusiast, a Tarot reader, a teacher, a filmmaker, an environmentalist, a homesteader, and an all-around busybody in her small island community.

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