Aligning To The Lunar Rhythms


A woman’s magic is irretrievably linked to the moon. 
Females are the primary shepherdess of the magical shake chi energy because we carry within our womb’s the cosmic memory of of the birth of the universe. This primordial is about protecting the sacred, nurturing all life, gathering food, worshipping the divine and giving birth to children, ideas and art. By reconnecting with our womb energy we can restore our nurturing and healing powers for ourselves, others and the Earth. 

Shakti chi circulates around the womb and along the belt channel, the only channel to run horizontal. It’s flow depends on the rhythms of the Earth causing it to be an area of great vulnerability as we move out of harmony with nature. In a healthy female, the biorhythms are naturally aligned with the cyclical rhythms of the moon. 

In this class we will journey through the powerful essence of this magical energy to learn wholesome therapies that can restore health and spiritual well-being. We will start by going over a basic understanding of women’s health as viewed in Ayurveda and Daoism, common imbalances and practical benefits of attuning to the natural lunar and seasonal rhythms. We will discuss which emotions are linked to to the six phases of the moon. Then we will practice a self care massage using specific meridians to remove blockages and administer ginger poultices for maximum benefit. I will demonstrate how to do uttara vasti and a sits bath using specific plant medicine recipes for your dosa type so women can try it at home. In the class we will make one of the tridoshic recipes to drink as a tea so we can experience together the plants’ power for healing our reproductive organs. 

This class is offered once during the April Session.

BRING A journal and pen for note-taking. Materials fee~ $2 for printed materials


Mary 'LIZI' Handsaker has devoted her life to bridging ancient wisdoms found across many cultures and uncovering deeply transformational practices that heal the body, mind and soul. Her formal journey began fifteen years ago with the study of Yoga, Astrology and subsequently Ayurveda through the Wise Earth School with a focus on the energetic principles of living in beauty and in harmony with nature’s cycles. This is when Lizi developed a philosophy of nurturing life’s daily rituals as the ultimate form of medicine, and sadhana. After years of integrating these tools into her own life, she began to explore the possibility of allowing the expression of nature to flow through into her design work.

Lizi received a degree in textiles with a focus on plant dyes and sustainability. This led her to connect with indigenous healers and teachers. Through their traditions and ceremonies she learned powerful methods to mentally, and emotionally align oneself with the mystical process of creating art for personal well-being and the health of the planet.

Most recently, Lizi has been studying chi gong and nutrition under a female Taoist Master after experiencing it’s connection with Ayurveda and it’s ability to create lasting, nourishing changes in the body. Lizi’s inner guidance has also opened her to the most subtle energetic layers that are directly linked to the journey of the soul through a deeply profound form of meditation, Kundalini Maha Yoga.

No matter the tool, ritual or ceremony, if we can experience the cleansing of the breath, a quietness in the mind and the enlivening of the heart, we can access the magic of the universe in one eternal moment.

Lizi guides her classes with a deep appreciation for all her teachers who live their truth and honor nature as their teacher.

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