Art As Ceremony




In this ceremony/class, we will connect with art in a new way. We will begin our time together with a tea ceremony, drinking some chrysanthemum to help us drop into our bodies and our breath. We will begin to listen to the voices of our heart, our surroundings, our ancestors.

We will be guided on a journey to connect with whatever plants, minerals, elements, animals, ancestors and other helpers want to be with us and come through our creative expression. We will explore writing and drawing with our non-dominant hand to awaken the intuitive wisdom of the other side and to remember and appreciate our beginnings.

We will move our bodies through a guided elemental salutation movement flow. Then we will paint, We will paint with watercolors and with water infused with our tea, our journey, our movement. We will have a page open for words to flow and we will use watercolors to give tribute to the allies that are always with us, allowing the artistic flow to come through our hands and be guided by these energies.

We will experience an awakening in our connection to our artistic selves, as we see creative practice as a tool for communion, honoring and connection. We will offer our paintings to the earth, if only symbolically, before we take them home with us to Remember.

This class will be offered once during the April Session.

BRING:  Journal and writing utensil. Materials fee~ $5-10 sliding scale for art supplies and paper




Melissa McConnell grew up in the nurturing lands of the Pacific Northwest. She has always been captivated by the healing power of art and words as a tool for connection to the heart, and has been journaling for twenty years. Melissa graduated with an interdisciplinary University degree exploring Womens Health, The Expressive Arts, and Awareness Through the Body. It was here that she discovered a deep love for painting with watercolors. Soon after, Melissa had her first real connection with tea and has been nurturing that relationship for the past thirteen years.

Melissa is also a massage therapist and energy worker, a drummer, and a wool felter. She is a true Spirit Weaver at heart, bridging together all of her various loves into a unique healing offering of bodywork, tea and flower medicine, visual art, womens circles, and creative journaling inspiration.

Melissa is committed to everyone finding their own inner artist, and seeks to inspire the flow of creativity in all hearts.

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