Wild Carrot For Contraception



We will discuss use of wild carrot seed and tincture for contraception, how to make wild carrot tincture, as well as charting menstrual cycles, recognizing ovulation signs, and appropriate uses of this plant medicine, a traditional form of birth control for thousands of years.

This class will be offered one afternoon during the May Session.

BRING: RING: Journal & writing utensil for notetaking.  Materials fee~ Purchase wild carrot tincture for $7-10, optional



Kristy Bredin began her journey as an herbalist and wellness coach in 2009, when she completed a holistic health coach training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and began a two-year herbal medicine apprenticeship with Robin Rose Bennett (Susun Weed’s Wise Woman healing lineage). Through Robin she learned to see magic and spirit in the world around her, in addition to connecting with the gifts of common plants, ancient healing traditions, and intuitive wisdom. In 2011, Kristy participated in a clinic with herbalists Margi Flint and Matthew Wood and also began exploring primitive skills with Tom Brown, Jr., and his staff in several classes through the Tracker School, in which she deepened her connection to the living world. READ MORE...