The Magic Of Belonging


Who are you and where do you belong? Clara will guide you in an experiential exploration of who each of us is in our first places of belonging as a daughter, sibling, grand daughter, niece. We will create a safe relational field and attunement with one another. Clara will guide a simple ceremony to support a layer of integration for each woman in her own place of belonging and acknowledgement of the sacredness of her life.

The specific healings for this group personally and collectively will be uniquely formulated by who is present. This process will be slow and facilitated with drumming, singing, and/or use of objects from nature– depending on Clara's sense of the collective group and what is comfortable and inclusive of everyone.

Each woman will be invited to share if they wish to.

This class will be offered once during the April Session.

BRING: Journal & writing utensil for notetaking. Materials fee~ FREE

CLARA was born and raised in Haines Alaska. She has a palpable affinity with nature. The animals, plants, and beauty that surrounded her from a young age have embraced her throughout her life. She is an avid outdoors woman who loves to surf, swim, hike, climb, ski, mountain bike, sail, canoe, and river raft.
Being so much in nature has filled her with a rare grace that makes her work with children and families especially powerful. Learn more...