This Precious Life



What it is you're wanting to do with your precious life? We will go deeply into connection with the wisdom in our bodies and receptivity to ancestral blessings. This will be a time to settle together and make ourselves open to receiving information about how we can be more clear in ourselves as ourselves. The 'methods' Clara will activate will depend on the group field and may include setting up a traditional Family Constellation from a particular member's field to create resonance with the whole group. Or we may ask a partner to represent something or some one in order to experience a particular resource or receive more information about the gifts that flow through our ancestral lines. These sessions draw on the collective wisdom fields of all Clara has studied and was born into.

This class will be offered one afternoon during the April Session.

BRING: Journal & writing utensil for notetaking. Materials fee~ FREE



CLARA was born and raised in Haines Alaska. She has a palpable affinity with nature. The animals, plants, and beauty that surrounded her from a young age have embraced her throughout her life. She is an avid outdoors woman who loves to surf, swim, hike, climb, ski, mountain bike, sail, canoe, and river raft. Being so much in nature has filled her with a rare grace that makes her work with children and families especially powerful. Learn more...